Authentic Corajillo

Authentic Corajillo joins Gran Mexico

Do you know Authentic Corajillo?

You will love our new product! The easiest way to have a Corajillo, just add ice, and shake‼ ️ With the real Licor 43 and Nesspreso Coffee, you already know the incredible flavor, we make it easy for you. Have the experience of shaking your own Corajillo and tasting it anywhere. Apart from its incredible flavor, its presentation is very friendly to be able to take it anywhere to give you that little treat. Authentic Corajillo cares about the environment, that’s why it recycles its shakers and mini shots.

We have the Authentic Corajillo duopack of the traditional flavor or decaffeinated!
Dare to try the new way of drinking Corajillo.

?Gran Mexico has shipments to all of Mexico and if you live in León we will take it to you in a matter of hours. (Free shipping when you buy a box)

? +524771025008 if you want to be attended by one of our advisors.

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