Products that make magic

Magic Products

In Greater Mexico we look for the best products, that is why we have Magic products for you today, which do magic in beauty without leaving aside the natural.

What makes Magic special is that it is a brand of products made from 100% natural products that seek to promote beauty with the natural, Magic has products such as eyelash and eyebrow lengthening serum, helps the growth and strengthening of eyelashes and eyebrows, it serves as a make-up remover with just a few drops will be enough, You can also complete your eyelash lengthening treatment with mascara, which defines the eyelashes, helps stimulate growth, is made from activated carbon of almond, bergamot, mamey bone extract and bergamot. Its eyebrow wax will give you an organic effect, it contains vitamin E and bergamot, the ironing will last up to 24 hours, it will allow you a perfect and very natural makeup.

Magic is also satisfied with a rice toner which helps to fade spots caused by the Sun, acne and cloth, lightens elbows, knees and neck. Your Shampoo really works magic as it accelerates hair growth, prevents hair loss from the first applications, generates hairline, leaves hair nourished, strong, soft and manageable, which you will conform with a Keratin prior to ironing. that will give you a zero friz straightening, perfect for combing and detangling your hair, restructures closing split ends, seals the hair scale, leaves hair soft.

How can you see this Health and Beauty line works magic as it solves everything you want to improve with natural products, which will never damage your skin.