Our Company

Founded by two Mexicans with the concern and interest to highlight the greatness of the products that our country has and be able to reach a large number of people in a simple way, they came together and decided to found Gran Mexico in honor of our country, and for that reason our slogan that as Mexicans we are convinced that Yes We Can!

Our company seeks to highlight the diversity of products that can be found in Mexico, which are our pride, part of our traditions and at the same time offer quality articles and great manufacturing, worthy of representing what we are.

Our principles and values ​​are to offer:

*Quality Products.

*Service and Customer Support.

* Products pride of our country

* 15 days warranty or until the money back, depending on the product.


Promote and market products made in Mexico, of great diversity and quality, seeking to satisfy our customers, creating value for our domestic producers with a fair price with a differentiating factor.